Our extra virgin olive oil possesses a strong different character, marked by own characteristics. It is a unique and authentic oil because it does not deny its origins nor hides the factors that leave a trace in its quality. We can claim it is an extra virgin olive oil with extraordinary quality, strength and personality.

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Such personality is influenced by the use of traditional varieties recovered by Calina and introduced in our plantation of Pago del Juncal. Of course, we are talking about Royal de Cazorla, native of the Certificate of Origin Sierra de Cazorla and Cornezuelo de Jaen.


The intensely cold climate born by our olive trees also affects the oil. These trees, grown up to the most extreme limit, see themselves obliged to resist and struggle almost every day of their lives, circumstance that limits the production but multiplies the quality. At a height of thousand metres, the plant requires a major gathering of phenols and antioxidants.


The productive cycle is short. Long winters delay the sprouting and blooming among others processes. Besides, the early frosts of November oblige to an early harvest, which leaves a trace in the organoleptic characteristics of the oil.


Finally, in order not to harm the fruit, we harvest the olives by hand, one by one, with the usual techniques of harvesting, allowing them to arrive intact and fresh to the oil mill.


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Raised in such conditions, our oils stand out for their personality. So we could call them “frontier oils” between the river Guadalquivir and the heights of Granada, given they are born from the crop possible limit and from the mix of tradition and modernity. As a result, the juice produced by Cornezuelo has a light-and-bright green colour with an intense aroma and fruity taste with hints of apple. The Royal one is also greenish, with intense and fruity aromas, standing out those ones that remind of just-cut grass, green banana, with an elegant bitterness and a hint of soft but persistent spicyness.


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